Applications On Exhibition

The following development proposals are on exhibition for community members to view and provide their feedback. For information on how to make a submission, download the ‘Making a submission factsheet’ within the proposal’s related documents.

Applications are displayed by suburb order in the list below.

Please click on the blue DA number to view the application details.

Application IDDescriptionAddressLand DescriptionSubmission Closing DateSuburb
DA0469/22Residential flat (24 units) and demolition of existing390 Beach Road BATEHAVEN, 392 Beach Road BATEHAVENLot 10 DP 19193, Lot 11 DP 1919311/07/2022BATEHAVEN
DA0622/22Demolish existing and construct dwelling house46 Edward Road BATEHAVENLot 54 DP 2140034/05/2022BATEHAVEN
DA0741/22Alterations and additions to dwelling house & SHF51 Edward Road BATEHAVENLot 32 DP 70834624/06/2022BATEHAVEN
DA0854/22Secondary dwelling11 David Avenue BATEHAVENLot 93 DP 2903229/09/2022BATEHAVEN
DA0028/23Use of existing unapproved alterations and additions to dwelling house32 Edward Road BATEHAVENLot 47 DP 21400331/08/2022BATEHAVEN
DA0084/23Alterations and additions to dwelling house3 Peter Crescent BATEHAVENLot 64 DP 290325/09/2022BATEHAVEN
DA0110/23Demolition of existing dwelling and construct dual occupancy346 Beach Road BATEHAVENLot 40 DP 181779/09/2022BATEHAVEN
DA0123/23Residential flat building (28 Units)1B Herarde Street BATEMANS BAYLot 2 DP 126272214/09/2022BATEMANS BAY
DA0099/23Hardware and building supplies, specialised retail premise and warehouse and distribution centre57 Princes Highway BATEMANS BAYLot 22 DP 5546315/09/2022BATEMANS BAY
DA0027/23Residential flat building1A Bent Street BATEMANS BAYLot 63 DP 25583631/08/2022BATEMANS BAY
DA0139/23Multi dwelling housing (26 dwellings)49 Beach Road BATEMANS BAY, Tuna Street BATEMANS BAYLot 101 DP 850637, Lot 12 DP 1242958/09/2022BATEMANS BAY
DA0190/23Change of use - Commercial to Residential8 Old Princes Highway BATEMANS BAYLot 1 DP 11898021/10/2022BATEMANS BAY
DA0195/23Additions and secondary dwelling132 Beach Road BATEMANS BAYLot 20 DP 26893 BATEMANS BAY
DA0837/22Mixed use development - Motel and multi-dwelling housing11 Dolphin Avenue BATEMANS BAY, 9 Dolphin Avenue BATEMANS BAY, 7 Dolphin Avenue BATEMANS BAY, 5 Dolphin Avenue BATEMANS BAY, 3 Dolphin Avenue BATEMANS BAY, 1A Catlin Avenue BATEMANS BAY, 1 Dolphin Avenue BATEMANS BAYLot 35 DP 27236, Lot 36 DP 27236, Lot 37 DP 27236, Lot 38 DP 27236, Lot 39 DP 27236, Lot 1 DP 126081, Lot 1 DP 12606928/08/2022BATEMANS BAY
DA0851/22Carpark and associated Works33 Cranbrook Road BATEMANS BAYLot 3 DP 109744022/07/2022BATEMANS BAY
DA0852/22Demolition of the existing development11 Dolphin Avenue BATEMANS BAY, 9 Dolphin Avenue BATEMANS BAY, 7 Dolphin Avenue BATEMANS BAY, 5 Dolphin Avenue BATEMANS BAY, 3 Dolphin Avenue BATEMANS BAY, 1A Catlin Avenue BATEMANS BAY, 1 Dolphin Avenue BATEMANS BAYLot 35 DP 27236, Lot 36 DP 27236, Lot 37 DP 27236, Lot 38 DP 27236, Lot 39 DP 27236, Lot 1 DP 126081, Lot 1 DP 12606912/08/2022BATEMANS BAY
DA0674/22Works unapproved pergola44 Gregory Street BATEMANS BAYLot 15 DP 59076025/05/2022BATEMANS BAY
DA0029/23Dwelling creating dual occupancy4 Wiltshire Lane BODALLALot 2 DP 119408225/07/2022BODALLA
DA0165/23Alterations and additions to existing ice cream factory52-54 Princes Highway BODALLALot 1 DP 118651519/10/2022BODALLA
MDA0029/23Modification 3 to DA239/19Princes Highway BODALLALot 13 DP 24713314/09/2022BODALLA
DA0068/23Demolish existing dwelling and construct new dwelling house, SFH and shed261-263 Comerang Forest Road BODALLALot 11 DP 122901/09/2022BODALLA
DA0078/23Alterations and additions to existing educational establishment61 Train Street BROULEELot 1 DP 10373425/09/2022BROULEE
DA0111/23Demolish existing and construct new dwelling house and swimming pool11 Coronation Drive BROULEELot 4 DP 3877029/09/2022BROULEE
DA0163/23Demolish existing dwelling and construct new dwelling74 Grant Street BROULEELot 29 DP 2353613/10/2022BROULEE
DA0176/23Dwelling house8 Azure Avenue BROULEELot 622 DP 128383121/10/2022BROULEE
DA0859/22Alterations and additions to existing aged care facility65-69 Heath Street BROULEELot 10 DP 10783561/09/2022BROULEE
DA0613/22Mixed use development, retail premises (6 shops) + shop top houses48 Train Street BROULEELot 22 DP 12743719/05/2022BROULEE
DA0751/22Use of existing unapproved site works and shed and proposed dwelling creating dual occupancy208 Broulee Road BROULEELot 105 DP 25828322/07/2022BROULEE
DA0618/22WITHDRAWN Dwelling house (relocatable) (Bushfire rebuild)9 Gannet Place CATALINALot 511 DP 24892913/05/2022CATALINA
DA0589/22Dwelling house41 Albatross Road CATALINALot 336 DP 24884020/06/2022CATALINA
DA0639/22Dwelling house49 Country Club Drive CATALINALot 11 DP 24140817/06/2022CATALINA
DA0098/23Dwelling house - bushfire rebuild119 Country Club Drive CATALINALot 646 DP 2494615/09/2022CATALINA
DA0038/23Alterations and additions to dwelling house62 Vista Avenue CATALINALot 141 DP 2722222/08/2022CATALINA
DA0057/23Temporary events46 Corkhill Drive CENTRAL TILBALot 1 DP 8745753/08/2022CENTRAL TILBA
DA0145/23Roof at rear of factory37 Bate Street CENTRAL TILBALot 120 DP 78983623/09/2022CENTRAL TILBA
DA0796/22Existing unapproved signage and proposed alterations and additions to cafe1 Bate Street CENTRAL TILBALot 100 DP 84231111/07/2022CENTRAL TILBA
MDA0001/23Modification 1 to DA18/0413 Dampier Street CONGOLot 33 DP 2186929/07/2022CONGO
DA0810/22Multi Dwelling Housing (39 Dwellings) & Strata Subdivision13 Noble Parade DALMENYLot 2 DP 36360615/07/2022DALMENY
DA0652/22Dwelling house21 Coastal Court DALMENYLot 37 DP 25515112/05/2022DALMENY
DA0706/22Alterations & Additions to dwelling101 Cresswick Parade DALMENYLot 157 DP 2483327/05/2022DALMENY
DA0142/23Dual occupancy and strata subdivision44 Noble Parade DALMENYLot 7 DP 1693220/10/2022DALMENY
DA0125/23Demolish existing and construct new dwelling house2 Haddrill Parade DALMENYLot 273 DP 3016912/09/2022DALMENY
DA0136/23Demolition of Carport & Construction of New Garage8 Maculata Circuit DALMENYLot 88 DP 25821319/09/2022DALMENY
DA0170/23Demolition of existing dwelling and construct dual occupancy and community title subdivision11 Denham Avenue DENHAMS BEACHLot 6 DP 2950617/10/2022DENHAMS BEACH
DA0694/22Demolition & deck & awning addition257 Beach Road DENHAMS BEACHLot 35 DP 3188613/06/2022DENHAMS BEACH
DA0833/22Deck extension580B Beach Road DENHAMS BEACHLot 2 SP 10188029/07/2022DENHAMS BEACH
DA0855/22Rebuild existing garage6/2C Graydon Avenue DENHAMS BEACHLot 6 SP 3329628/07/2022DENHAMS BEACH
MDA0039/22Modification 1 to DA366/17Nerrigundah Mountain Road EUROBODALLALot 1 DP 1165095, Lot 1 DP 117848822/07/2022EUROBODALLA
DA0828/22Alterations and additions to dwelling house69 Burri Point Road GUERILLA BAYLot 147 DP 25024421/07/2022GUERILLA BAY
DA0272/21Resort redevelopment including 75 villas and 90 lot subdivisionOld Mossy Point Road JEREMADRA, 340 Old Mossy Point Road JEREMADRALot 2 DP 63437, Lot 1 DP 104072422/10/2020JEREMADRA
DA0081/23Two lot Torrens Title subdivision111 Goldfields Drive JEREMADRALot 7 DP 24863419/09/2022JEREMADRA
DA0126/23Garage34 Kianga Parade KIANGALot 75 DP 3123412/09/2022KIANGA
DA0713/22Dwelling111 Dalmeny Drive KIANGALot 202 DP 3123412/08/2022KIANGA
DA0788/22Dwelling house5 Dawn Parade KIANGALot 4 DP 8137556/07/2022KIANGA
DA0022/23Alterations and Additions to Dwelling107 Dalmeny Drive KIANGALot 200 DP 312344/08/2022KIANGA
DA0040/23Dwelling house53 Northcove Road LONG BEACHLot 185 DP 22254023/08/2022LONG BEACH
DA0042/23Alterations and additions to dwelling house143 Northcove Road LONG BEACHLot 143 DP 22254019/08/2022LONG BEACH
DA0812/22Dwelling House56 Litchfield Crescent LONG BEACHLot 87 DP 10685297/07/2022LONG BEACH
DA0792/22Detached Garage47 Tree Fern Place LONG BEACHLot 196 DP 104298020/07/2022LONG BEACH
MDA0171/22WITHDRAWN Mod 1 to DA0870/2169 Litchfield Crescent LONG BEACHLot 28 DP 106852926/07/2022LONG BEACH
DA0726/22Demolition & addition of roofed deck27 Northcove Road LONG BEACHLot 197 DP 2225403/06/2022LONG BEACH
DA0732/22Dwelling House12 Blairs Road LONG BEACHLot 50 DP 84989515/06/2022LONG BEACH
DA0156/23Dwelling house, swimming pool and shed94 Blairs Road LONG BEACHLot 329 DP 106328212/10/2022LONG BEACH
DA0174/23Shed26 Bay Road LONG BEACHLot 23 DP 2356017/10/2022LONG BEACH
DA0106/23Dwelling house and detached shed55 Litchfield Crescent LONG BEACHLot 21 DP 106852912/09/2022LONG BEACH
MDA0027/23Modification 1 to DA735/1014 Seaview Way LONG BEACHLot 17 DP 10450119/09/2022LONG BEACH
DA0075/23Dwelling house and garage18 Litchfield Crescent LONG BEACHLot 189 DP 11126011/09/2022LONG BEACH
DA0086/23Dwelling House & ShedNorthcove Road LONG BEACHLot 63 DP 12354182/09/2022LONG BEACH
DA0151/23Dwelling house and garage93 Maloneys Drive MALONEYS BEACHLot 1 DP 127771226/09/2022MALONEYS BEACH
DA0131/23Dwelling house (bushfire rebuild)17 Jarrah Way MALUA BAYLot 33 DP 10448617/10/2022MALUA BAY
DA0138/23Boundary Adjustment112-114 Carramar Drive MALUA BAY, 116-118 Carramar Drive MALUA BAYLot 74 DP 1158507, Lot 75 DP 115850723/09/2022MALUA BAY
DA0193/23Deck extension13 Tallawang Avenue MALUA BAYLot 567 DP 3200826/10/2022MALUA BAY
DA0113/23Deck and retaining wall2 Nurla Avenue MALUA BAYLot 801 DP 318809/09/2022MALUA BAY
DA0112/23Dwelling house14 Currawong Crescent MALUA BAYLot 184 DP 12361907/10/2022MALUA BAY
DA0108/23Dwelling House & Detached Shed38 Bunderra Circuit MALUA BAYLot 19 DP 106184223/09/2022MALUA BAY
DA0100/23Dwelling house5 Corymbia Place MALUA BAYLot 27 DP 124955531/08/2022MALUA BAY
DA0082/23Alterations and additions to dwelling and swimming pool52 Moorong Crescent MALUA BAYLot 1 DP 2552112/09/2022MALUA BAY
MDA0025/23Modification 1 to DA0480/2113 Tallawang Avenue MALUA BAYLot 567 DP 3200814/10/2022MALUA BAY
DA0723/22Dual Occupancy28 Mulgowrie Street MALUA BAYLot 1049 DP 23665327/06/2022MALUA BAY
DA0467/22Demolish and construct new dwelling house35 Tallawang Avenue MALUA BAYLot 556 DP 3200816/05/2022MALUA BAY
DA0800/22Dwelling house, solid fuel heater, swimming pool and retaining walls (bushfire rebuild)18 Blackbutt Lane MALUA BAYLot 9 DP 107120919/08/2022MALUA BAY
DA0824/22Demolish existing and construct new garage26 Euroka Avenue MALUA BAYLot 45 DP 22781020/07/2022MALUA BAY
DA0047/23Alterations and additions to dwelling house3 Tallawang Avenue MALUA BAYLot 572 DP 3200831/08/2022MALUA BAY
DA0026/23Demolish existing and construct new dwelling house50 Iluka Avenue MALUA BAYLot 240 DP 20201230/08/2022MALUA BAY
DA0006/23Dwelling and 2 lot subdivision74 Carramar Drive MALUA BAYLot 701 DP 11915609/09/2022MALUA BAY
DA0186/23Alterations and additions to dwelling house9 Malua Street MALUA BAYLot 668 DP 3188120/10/2022MALUA BAY
MDA0178/22Modification 2 to DA665/20222 Tomakin Road MOGOLot 1 DP 114350620/09/2022MOGO
DA0390/20Existing unapproved shed and bus depot1017 Princes Highway MOGOLot 5 DP 83597618/10/2022MOGO
DA0744/22Two lot subdivision372 Tomakin Road MOGOLot 3 DP 71659819/08/2022MOGO
DA0114/23Shed14 Somerset Close MOGOLot 6 DP 7938455/10/2022MOGO
DA0105/23Light Industrial Units (23 Units)64 Shelley Road MORUYALot 44 DP 10755385/09/2022MORUYA
DA0088/23Machinery Shed (farm building)38 Pollwombra Road MORUYALot 123 DP 8595212/09/2022MORUYA
DA0039/23Relocate dwelling to create dual occupancy61 Congo Road MORUYALot 4 DP 102891522/09/2022MORUYA
DA0055/23Single storey residence, plunge pool/spa and large shedSummerhill Road MORUYALot 280 DP 75215122/08/2022MORUYA
DA0207/23Residential subdivision (95) lots26 Francis Street MORUYA, Francis Street MORUYALot 1 Sec 54 DP 758710, Lot 7 DP 1152378/11/2022MORUYA
DA0164/23Commercial alterations + outdoor eating60 Vulcan Street MORUYASP 3207321/10/2022MORUYA
MDA0038/23Modification 2 to DA0118/2235 Mountain View Road MORUYALot 11 DP 107153618/10/2022MORUYA
DA0167/23Removal of Bunya Pine6 Dr King Close MORUYALot 40 DP 123796112/10/2022MORUYA
MDA0172/22Modification 1 to DA0543/219 Pioneer Road MORUYALot 2 DP 12676195/07/2022MORUYA
DA0635/22Dual occupancy13 Caswell Street MORUYALot 27 DP 12767152/05/2022MORUYA
DA0815/22Retail plant nursery65 Mountain View Road MORUYALot 3 DP 82553518/07/2022MORUYA
DA0009/23Dwelling creating dual occupancy and garage315 Pollwombra Road MORUYALot 2 DP 113870211/08/2022MORUYA
DA0017/23Detached outbuilding62 Yarragee Road MORUYALot 5 DP 7086218/08/2022MORUYA
DA0034/23Dwelling House & Detached Shed96 The Anchorage MORUYA HEADSLot 17 DP 20044223/09/2022MORUYA HEADS
DA0080/23Use of existing unapproved alterations and additions to dwelling house and carport/shed4 Jennifer Place MORUYA HEADSLot 44 DP 2536405/09/2022MORUYA HEADS
DA0857/22WITHDRAWN Fence (partial front & side boundary)4 The Inlet Road MOSSY POINTLot 79 DP 104071529/07/2022MOSSY POINT
DA0809/22Demolition & Construct Dual Occupancy18 River Road MOSSY POINTLot 179 DP 1539621/07/2022MOSSY POINT
DA0770/22Use of existing unapproved alterations and additions to dwelling and shed34 River Road MOSSY POINTLot 171 DP 1539621/07/2022MOSSY POINT
DA0779/22WITHDRAWN Dwelling house & detached garage & retaining wall7 Johnston Way MYSTERY BAYLot 41 DP 7073707/07/2022MYSTERY BAY
DA0853/22Use of exiting unapproved alterations and additions to dwelling house and garage15 Johnston Way MYSTERY BAYLot 45 DP 70737021/07/2022MYSTERY BAY
DA0838/22Use of existing unapproved earthworks and slab and proposed machinery shed7442 Princes Highway NAROOMALot 12 DP 77428121/07/2022NAROOMA
DA0053/23Demolish existing structures and construct multi dwelling housing (10 dwellings) and community title subdivision31 Forsters Bay Road NAROOMA, 33 Forsters Bay Road NAROOMALot 535 DP 752155, Lot 534 DP 75215522/08/2022NAROOMA
DA0658/22Additions to existing boat shedRiverside Drive NAROOMALot 7318 DP 11666689/05/2022NAROOMA
DA0592/22General IndustryGlasshouse Rocks Road NAROOMALot 1 DP 11256369/05/2022NAROOMA
DA0065/232 Lot SubdivisionOld Highway NAROOMALot 1 DP 12059706/09/2022NAROOMA
DA0083/23Use of existing unapproved shipping containers38 Princes Highway NAROOMALot 645 DP 7521552/09/2022NAROOMA
DA0135/23Alterations and Additions to existing dwelling house9 Nichelsen Street NAROOMALot 718 DP 75215523/09/2022NAROOMA
DA0155/23Dwelling house64A Old Highway NAROOMALot 14 DP 124674112/10/2022NAROOMA
DA0149/23Alterations and additions and change of use to two serviced apartments18 Canty Street NAROOMALot 2 DP 52475214/10/2022NAROOMA
DA0159/23Swimming pool11 John Place NORTH NAROOMALot 76 DP 106623812/10/2022NORTH NAROOMA
DA0124/23Alterations and Additions to dwelling house11 Warbler Crescent NORTH NAROOMALot 19 DP 25586212/09/2022NORTH NAROOMA
DA0061/23Dwelling house37 Warbler Crescent NORTH NAROOMALot 2 DP 79188626/08/2022NORTH NAROOMA
DA0008/23Demolition of existing dwelling house and construction of new dwelling4A Riverview Road NORTH NAROOMA, 4 Riverview Road NORTH NAROOMALot 2 DP 125171, Lot 1 DP 1251712/09/2022NORTH NAROOMA
DA0757/22Dual occupancy41 Yowani Road ROSEDALELot 21 DP 3217629/06/2022ROSEDALE
DA0063/23Dwelling house - Bushfire rebuild68 Yowani Road ROSEDALELot 28 DP 321771/09/2022ROSEDALE
DA0218/23Storage shed23 Tranquil Bay Place ROSEDALELot 220 DP 71122021/10/2022ROSEDALE
MDA0044/23Mod to DA0601/2159 Yowani Road ROSEDALELot 12 DP 3217620/10/2022ROSEDALE
DA0121/23Demolish existing and construct new dwelling house12 Village Road SOUTH DURRASLot 10 Sec 3 DP 75836923/09/2022SOUTH DURRAS
DA0781/22Dual occupancy20 Throsby Crescent SUNSHINE BAYLot 422 DP 128136615/07/2022SUNSHINE BAY
DA0839/22Dwelling house and pool18 Throsby Crescent SUNSHINE BAYLot 421 DP 128136624/08/2022SUNSHINE BAY
DA0805/22Dual occupancy and strata subdivision16 Throsby Crescent SUNSHINE BAYLot 420 DP 128136610/08/2022SUNSHINE BAY
DA0801/22Construction of a single storey dwelling6 Mawson Place SUNSHINE BAYLot 2 DP 122532711/07/2022SUNSHINE BAY
DA0109/23Storage shed10 Greendale Close SURF BEACHLot 104 DP 111153212/09/2022SURF BEACH
DA0070/23Shop top housing16 The Vista Lane SURFSIDELot 850 DP 2141602/09/2022SURFSIDE
DA0074/23Secondary dwelling7 Palm Place SURFSIDELot 27 DP 2325689/09/2022SURFSIDE
DA0095/23Alterations and additions to dwelling house including swimming pool and detached shed5 The Avenue Road TILBA TILBA, The Avenue Road TILBA TILBALot 11 DP 1117213, Lot 2 DP 11682466/09/2022TILBA TILBA
DA0181/23Dwelling house41 Oceanview Way TOMAKINLot 1010 DP 124011713/10/2022TOMAKIN
DA0205/23Alterations and additions to dwelling10 Kitchener Road TUROSS HEADLot 33 DP 1715424/10/2022TUROSS HEAD
DA0196/23Deck and retaining walls41 Hawkins Road TUROSS HEADLot 121 DP 108385725/10/2022TUROSS HEAD
DA0150/23Demolish existing and construct new dwelling house170 Hector McWilliam Drive TUROSS HEADLot 26 DP 23714410/10/2022TUROSS HEAD
DA0120/23Alterations and additions to dwelling house112 Hector McWilliam Drive TUROSS HEADLot 88 DP 2376567/09/2022TUROSS HEAD
DA0798/22Alterations & additions to dwelling70 Trafalgar Road TUROSS HEADLot 1 DP 105088411/07/2022TUROSS HEAD
DA0743/22Demolish existing and construct new deck26 Swordfish Street TUROSS HEADLot 62 DP 21866423/06/2022TUROSS HEAD
DA0740/22Demolition & construction of dwelling house28 Clive Court TUROSS HEADLot 2 DP 51473030/06/2022TUROSS HEAD
DA0667/22Alterations and additions to dwelling house and detached garage and carport18 Coral Crescent TUROSS HEADLot 12 DP 114512512/05/2022TUROSS HEAD
DA0677/22Demolition & alterations & additions to dwelling22 Coila Avenue TUROSS HEADLot 205 DP 24108525/05/2022TUROSS HEAD
DA0647/22Alterations and additions to dwelling house23 Jellicoe Road TUROSS HEADLot 206 DP 1542518/08/2022TUROSS HEAD

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