Applications On Exhibition

Application IDDA0113/20
DescriptionDwelling house and two solid fuel heaters
AddressYoungs Road AKOLELE
Land DescriptionLot 2 DP 707549
Submission Closing Date18/06/2020

Application IDDA0377/20
DescriptionRelocation and modification of existing dwelling to become a secondary dwelling and construction of a new three storey dwelling house
Address231 Annetts Parade MOSSY POINT
Land DescriptionLot 321 DP 739405
Submission Closing Date24/07/2020

Application IDDA0453/20
Description Dwelling creating dual occupancy and SFH
Address333 Pollwombra Road MORUYA
Land DescriptionLot 1 DP 1138702
Submission Closing Date15/07/2020

Application IDDA0599/20
DescriptionAdditions to garage
Address50 Nelson Parade TUROSS HEAD
Land DescriptionLot 94 DP 15425
Submission Closing Date29/06/2020

Application IDDA0605/20
DescriptionStorage shed
AddressOld Highway NAROOMA
Land DescriptionLot 10 DP 1040151
Submission Closing Date24/06/2020

Application IDDA0627/20
DescriptionDwelling house, SFH, detached garage and swimming pool
Address15 Barlings Drive TOMAKIN
Land DescriptionLot 12 DP 700233
Submission Closing Date29/06/2020

Application IDDA0630/20
DescriptionDual Occupancy and two lot torrens title subdivision
Address1 McKenzies Crescent MALUA BAY
Land DescriptionLot 21 DP 1252269
Submission Closing Date24/06/2020

Application IDDA0632/20
Description94 lot subdivision
AddressTurnbulls Lane MORUYA
Land DescriptionLot 6 DP 1171646
Submission Closing Date3/07/2020

Application IDDA0634/20
DescriptionAlterations and additions to dwelling house
Address55 Grant Street BROULEE
Land DescriptionLot 5 DP 509937
Submission Closing Date24/06/2020

Application IDDA0637/20
DescriptionAlterations to dwelling - conversion of garage into main bedroom
Address12 Vista Avenue CATALINA
Land DescriptionLot 186 DP 27222
Submission Closing Date24/06/2020

Application IDMDA0154/20
DescriptionModification 3 to D251/90 - Expansion of rendering plant capacity
Address3226-3260 Princes Highway MORUYA
Land DescriptionLot 2 DP 1215669
Submission Closing Date24/06/2020

Application IDDA0642/20
DescriptionSelf storage units
Address48 Shelley Road MORUYA
Land DescriptionLot 52 DP 1075538
Submission Closing Date24/06/2020

Application IDDA0644/20
DescriptionExisting dwelling house to be used as temporary exhibition home
Address3 Jardine Road SUNSHINE BAY
Land DescriptionLot 118 DP 1234380
Submission Closing Date22/06/2020

Application IDDA0645/20
DescriptionAlterations and additions to dwelling and pergola
Address34 Lake Street TUROSS HEAD
Land DescriptionLot 1012 DP 218665
Submission Closing Date27/07/2020

Application IDMDA0156/20
DescriptionModification (1) to development consent DA0117/20
Address15 Creighton Parade NORTH NAROOMA
Land DescriptionLot 97 DP 1072514
Submission Closing Date16/06/2020

Application IDDA0648/20
DescriptionDemolish existing dwelling and erect new dwelling house
Address44 Craddock Road TUROSS HEAD
Land DescriptionLot 702 DP 615433
Submission Closing Date24/06/2020

Application IDDA0650/20
DescriptionDwelling house (relocatable) and artisan food and drink industry (Brewery)
Address160 Princes Highway BODALLA
Land DescriptionLot 20 DP 24845
Submission Closing Date29/06/2020

Application IDMDA0157/20
DescriptionModification 2 to DA759/17
Address10 Crag Road BATEHAVEN
Land DescriptionLot 1 DP 1247439
Submission Closing Date1/07/2020

Application IDDA0652/20
DescriptionAlterations to dwelling and proposed carport
Address9 Tallwood Crescent ROSEDALE
Land DescriptionLot 205 DP 711220
Submission Closing Date24/06/2020

Application IDDA0655/20
DescriptionAlterations and additions to existing dwelling
Address212-214 Meringo Road MERINGO
Land DescriptionLot 1 DP 125211
Submission Closing Date6/07/2020

Application IDDA0656/20
DescriptionAlterations and additions to dwelling house demolish garage and construct new garage and SFH
Address6 Dromedary Drive MYSTERY BAY
Land DescriptionLot 18 DP 29840
Submission Closing Date24/06/2020

Application IDDA0657/20
DescriptionDwelling house
Address9 Viewpoint Court TUROSS HEAD
Land DescriptionLot 36 DP 806649
Submission Closing Date22/06/2020

Application IDDA0659/20
DescriptionDual occupancy
Address30 Gillan Grove BROULEE
Land DescriptionLot 94 DP 1262807
Submission Closing Date29/06/2020

Application IDDA0661/20
DescriptionDual Occupancy
Address115 Courtenay Crescent LONG BEACH
Land DescriptionLot 264 DP 1059058
Submission Closing Date1/07/2020

Application IDDA0665/20
DescriptionSafari Tourist Accommodation
Address222 Tomakin Road MOGO
Land DescriptionLot 1 DP 1143506
Submission Closing Date16/07/2020

Application IDDA0667/20
DescriptionRock retaining wall and floating pontoon
Address770 The River Road CURROWAN
Land DescriptionLot 25 DP 755930
Submission Closing Date13/07/2020

Application IDDA0670/20
DescriptionChange of use of structures ancillary to extractive industry
Address1511 Springwater Road JEREMADRA
Land DescriptionLot 544 DP 736015
Submission Closing Date1/07/2020

Application IDDA0671/20
DescriptionAlterations and additions - internal lift
Address59 Coronation Drive BROULEE
Land DescriptionLot 6 Sec 4 DP 27178
Submission Closing Date6/07/2020

Application IDDA0675/20
DescriptionDetached garage
Address28 Connells Close MOSSY POINT
Land DescriptionLot 157 DP 15396
Submission Closing Date1/07/2020

Application IDDA0676/20
DescriptionDwelling house
Address16 Crest Crescent MORUYA HEADS
Land DescriptionLot 130 DP 251683
Submission Closing Date6/07/2020

Application IDDA0677/20
Address25 Ringlands Road NAROOMA
Land DescriptionLot 513 DP 752155
Submission Closing Date6/07/2020

Application IDDA0678/20
DescriptionDwelling house, SFH, shed & retaining walls
Address17 McKenzies Crescent MALUA BAY
Land DescriptionLot 304 DP 1260284
Submission Closing Date6/07/2020

Application IDDA0680/20
DescriptionPart Demolish and construct additional 9 motel units
Address126 Wagonga Street NAROOMA
Land DescriptionLot 1 DP 393722
Submission Closing Date16/07/2020

Application IDDA0681/20
DescriptionTwo lot industrial subdivision
Address17-29 Glasshouse Rocks Road NAROOMA
Land DescriptionLot 10 DP 1070904
Submission Closing Date6/07/2020

Application IDDA0689/20
DescriptionProposed alterations and additions to dwelling house
Address40 Tallawang Avenue MALUA BAY
Land DescriptionSP 95672
Submission Closing Date6/07/2020

Application IDDA0692/20
DescriptionAlterations & additions to dwelling
Address70 Sandy Place LONG BEACH
Land DescriptionLot 16 DP 849895
Submission Closing Date15/07/2020

Application IDMDA0172/20
DescriptionModification to DA130/18
AddressBruce Cameron Drive MORUYA
Land DescriptionLot 12 DP 1244089
Submission Closing Date1/07/2020

Application IDDA0699/20
Address16 Oceanview Way TOMAKIN
Land DescriptionLot 601 DP 1223760
Submission Closing Date14/07/2020

Application IDDA0700/20
DescriptionDeck additions
Address12 Salmon Street TUROSS HEAD
Land DescriptionLot 57 DP 218664
Submission Closing Date17/07/2020

Application IDDA0701/20
DescriptionDetached addition
Address20 Nelson Parade TUROSS HEAD
Land DescriptionPart Lot 121 DP 15425
Submission Closing Date16/07/2020

Application IDDA0702/20
DescriptionMachinery shed
Address67 Wagonga Scenic Drive NAROOMA
Land DescriptionLot 1 DP 855696
Submission Closing Date14/07/2020

Application IDMDA0175/20
DescriptionModification to development consent DA 246/19
Address12 Bent Street BATEMANS BAY
Land DescriptionLot 21 Sec 3 DP 758064
Submission Closing Date14/07/2020

Application IDDA0708/20
DescriptionDwelling house & detached garage
Address21 South Head Road MORUYA
Land DescriptionLot 2 DP 248776
Submission Closing Date16/07/2020

Application IDMDA0176/20
DescriptionModification 1 to development consent DA224/18 - Bushfire affected
Address20 Jarrah Way MALUA BAY
Land DescriptionLot 28 DP 1044861
Submission Closing Date16/07/2020

Application IDDA0710/20
DescriptionAlterations and additions to dwelling house
Address15 Pacific Street MOSSY POINT
Land DescriptionLot 277 DP 15396
Submission Closing Date16/07/2020

Application IDDA0711/20
Address63 Eastaway Avenue NORTH NAROOMA
Land DescriptionLot 62 DP 414876
Submission Closing Date16/07/2020

Application IDDA0712/20
DescriptionDemolition of existing dwelling and construct new dwelling
Address65 Tuross Boulevarde TUROSS HEAD
Land DescriptionLot 203 DP 218664
Submission Closing Date21/07/2020

Application IDDA0713/20
DescriptionDual occupancy - rebuild fire affected building
Address732 The Ridge Road MALUA BAY
Land DescriptionLot 6 DP 253096
Submission Closing Date17/07/2020

Application IDDA0715/20
DescriptionDwelling house and SFH - bushfire rebuild
Address12 Sydney Street MOGO
Land DescriptionLot 13 Sec 2 DP 758688
Submission Closing Date17/07/2020

Application IDDA0717/20
DescriptionDwelling house and SFH
Address96 Sylvan Street MALUA BAY
Land DescriptionLot 308 DP 1260284
Submission Closing Date20/07/2020

Application IDDA0718/20
DescriptionDemolish existing and construct new dwelling house
Address78 Illabunda Drive MALUA BAY
Land DescriptionLot 1004 DP 236653
Submission Closing Date20/07/2020

Application IDDA0720/20
DescriptionSecondary dwelling
Address27 Calga Crescent CATALINA
Land DescriptionLot 81 DP 242907
Submission Closing Date20/07/2020

Application IDMDA0178/20
DescriptionModification1 to development consent 78/18 for eco tourist facility
Address64 Sunnyside Road CENTRAL TILBA
Land DescriptionLot 15 DP 733964
Submission Closing Date16/07/2020

Application IDDA0722/20
DescriptionDwelling house and SFH - bushfire rebuild
Address4 Queen Street MOGO
Land DescriptionLot 11 Sec 16 DP 758688
Submission Closing Date20/07/2020

Application IDDA0726/20
DescriptionCovered work area and storage addition
Address38-44 Princes Highway BATEMANS BAY
Land DescriptionSP 37142
Submission Closing Date17/07/2020

Application IDDA0727/20
DescriptionDwelling house
Address79 Freycinet Drive SUNSHINE BAY
Land DescriptionLot 304 DP 1262532
Submission Closing Date17/07/2020

Application IDDA0728/20
DescriptionUse of existing alterations and additions and proposed rear deck
Address18 Birdwood Circle TUROSS HEAD
Land DescriptionLot 30 DP 17154
Submission Closing Date17/07/2020

Application IDDA0729/20
DescriptionBoundary adjustment
Address38 Tallawang Avenue MALUA BAY, 40 Tallawang Avenue MALUA BAY, 2/40 Tallawang Avenue MALUA BAY, 1/40 Tallawang Avenue MALUA BAY
Land DescriptionLot 539 DP 32008, SP 95672, Lot 1 SP 95672, Lot 2 SP 95672
Submission Closing Date17/07/2020

Application IDDA0002/21
DescriptionAlterations and additions to dwelling
Address12 Boondi Street MALUA BAY
Land DescriptionLot 371 DP 211219
Submission Closing Date24/07/2020

Application IDDA0004/21
Address64 Blairs Road LONG BEACH
Land DescriptionLot 275 DP 1059058
Submission Closing Date24/07/2020

Application IDDA0008/21
DescriptionAlterations and additions to dwelling house
Address25 Sandy Place LONG BEACH
Land DescriptionLot 57 DP 23560
Submission Closing Date 

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