Applications On Exhibition

Application IDDA406/19
DescriptionSolar farm (Electricity Generating Works)
Address115 Patons Road MORUYA
Land DescriptionLot 2 DP 752129
Submission Closing Date2/01/2020

Application IDDA0138/20
DescriptionDwelling house and Shed
Address16 Gillan Grove BROULEE
Land DescriptionLot 82 DP 1226947
Submission Closing Date17/01/2020

Application IDDA0165/20
DescriptionAlterations and additions to dwelling house
Address24B Kauzal Crescent SURF BEACH
Land DescriptionLot 123 DP 847090
Submission Closing Date17/01/2020

Application IDDA0259/20
DescriptionDwelling house
Address116 Freycinet Drive SUNSHINE BAY
Land DescriptionLot 129 DP 1234380
Submission Closing Date20/12/2019

Application IDDA0264/20
DescriptionDwelling house and Shed
Address7510 Princes Highway NAROOMA
Land DescriptionLot 2 DP 591612
Submission Closing Date17/01/2020

Application IDDA0267/20
DescriptionDwelling house, shed and solid fuel heater
Address6A Silverdell Place SURF BEACH
Land DescriptionLot 93 DP 861113
Submission Closing Date16/12/2019

Application IDDA0269/20
DescriptionInstallation of a manufactured home as a secondary dwelling
Address460 Beach Road SUNSHINE BAY
Land DescriptionLot 1 DP 370677
Submission Closing Date13/12/2019

Application IDMDA0068/20
DescriptionModification to development consent 431/13 for 3 lot subdivision (staged)
Address101 River Street MORUYA
Land DescriptionLot 108 DP 1034026
Submission Closing Date16/12/2019

Application IDDA0272/20
DescriptionDwelling house and demolition of exiting
Address13 Pacific Street BATEMANS BAY
Land DescriptionLot 43 DP 21898
Submission Closing Date20/12/2019

Application IDMDA0069/20
DescriptionModification to development consent DA3/93 for amendment to approved residential subdivision
AddressBanksia Grove MALUA BAY
Land DescriptionLot 25 DP 1249555
Submission Closing Date19/01/2020

Application IDDA0279/20
DescriptionDwelling & SFH
Address20 Surfside Avenue MOSSY POINT
Land DescriptionLot 306 DP 15396
Submission Closing Date19/12/2019

Application IDDA0280/20
DescriptionUse of existing unapproved carport
Address3 Angophora Place CATALINA
Land DescriptionLot 156 DP 1004990
Submission Closing Date17/01/2020

Application IDDA0281/20
DescriptionMulti dwelling housing (3 units)
Address12 Corrigan Crescent BATEHAVEN
Land DescriptionLot 7 DP 21215
Submission Closing Date17/01/2020

Application IDDA0282/20
DescriptionDemolition of existing dwelling & erection of 2 storey dwelling & SFH
Address203 Annetts Parade MOSSY POINT
Land DescriptionLot 300 DP 584239
Submission Closing Date17/01/2020

Application IDDA0287/20
DescriptionAlterations and additions
Address181 Annetts Parade MOSSY POINT
Land DescriptionLot 2 DP 835292
Submission Closing Date17/01/2020

Application IDDA0288/20
DescriptionDwelling house & retaining wall
Address12 Creighton Parade NORTH NAROOMA
Land DescriptionLot 101 DP 1072514
Submission Closing Date17/01/2020

Application IDDA0289/20
DescriptionDwelling & SFH
Address115 Palana Street SURFSIDE
Land DescriptionLot 638 DP 214161
Submission Closing Date17/01/2020

Application IDDA0298/20
DescriptionUse of existing unapproved deck & new retaining wall
Address33 Yarrabee Drive CATALINA
Land DescriptionLot 24 DP 800369
Submission Closing Date17/01/2020

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