Applications On Exhibition

The following development proposals are on exhibition for community members to view and provide their feedback. For information on how to make a submission, download the ‘Making a submission factsheet’ within the proposal’s related documents.

Applications are displayed by suburb order in the list below.

Please click on the blue DA number to view the application details.

Application IDDescriptionAddressLand DescriptionSubmission Closing DateSuburb
DA0209/23Partial demolition. Alterations and additions to dual occupancy, creating multi housing dwelling.9 Marjorie Crescent BATEHAVENLot 32 DP 252674/11/2022BATEHAVEN
MDA0050/23Modification 1 to DA0737/21103 Crosby Drive BATEHAVENLot 7 DP 126997425/11/2022BATEHAVEN
DA0429/23Dwelling house67 Edward Road BATEHAVENLot 40 DP 70834623/02/2023BATEHAVEN
DA0433/23Dwelling house408 Beach Road BATEHAVENLot 71 DP 1817712/04/2023BATEHAVEN
DA0455/23Dwelling house and secondary dwelling3 Wagtail Crescent BATEHAVENLot 101 DP 127571116/03/2023BATEHAVEN
DA0452/23Demolish existing building and construct new multi dwelling housing (3 units).29 Bent Street BATEMANS BAYLot 37 Sec 4 DP 7580644/04/2023BATEMANS BAY
DA0258/23Alterations and additions to Heritage museum3 Museum Place BATEMANS BAYLot 101 DP 1001026, Part Lot 101 DP 10010262/12/2022BATEMANS BAY
DA0270/23Demolish existing motel and construct residential flat building (34 units)24 Beach Road BATEMANS BAY, 1 Pacific Street BATEMANS BAYLot 5 DP 38372, Lot 1 DP 383725/12/2022BATEMANS BAY
DA0123/23Residential flat building (28 Units)1B Herarde Street BATEMANS BAYLot 2 DP 126272217/03/2023BATEMANS BAY
DA0027/23Residential flat building1A Bent Street BATEMANS BAYLot 63 DP 25583619/12/2022BATEMANS BAY
DA0311/23Alts & Adds & Use Tourist Accommodation19 Beach Road BATEMANS BAYLot 10 DP 7392293/02/2023BATEMANS BAY
DA0342/23Alterations and additions to dwelling4 Dolphin Avenue BATEMANS BAYLot 81 DP 2723625/01/2023BATEMANS BAY
DA0224/23Dwelling house and solid fuel heater - bushfire re-build3070 Belowra Road BELOWRALot 96 DP 7521287/11/2022BELOWRA
DA0161/23Dwelling house, shed and two shipping containers7 Barrington Street BERGALIALot 14 DP 107582428/11/2022BERGALIA
DA0458/23Demolition of dog kennels and 3 lot subdivisionPrinces Highway BIMBIMBIE, 1554 Princes Highway BIMBIMBIELot 21 DP 1063392, Lot 22 DP 106339220/03/2023BIMBIMBIE
DA0493/23Swimming pool5 Jade Place BODALLALot 6 DP 10462907/04/2023BODALLA
DA0213/23Dwelling house & Parking Areas66 Princes Highway BODALLALot 44 DP 135664/11/2022BODALLA
DA0287/23Self Storage Facility11-13 Potato Point Road BODALLALot 1 DP 11426505/12/2022BODALLA
DA0078/23Alterations and additions to existing educational establishment61 Train Street BROULEELot 1 DP 103734215/03/2023BROULEE
DA0372/23Additions to existing dwelling and new detached shed89 Elizabeth Drive BROULEELot 41 DP 24516725/01/2023BROULEE
DA0284/23Carport8 Moir Place BROULEELot 76 DP 7765412/12/2022BROULEE
DA0318/23Dual Occupancy19 Griffiths Run BROULEELot 56 DP 12084286/03/2023BROULEE
DA0478/23Alterations and additions to dwelling house16A Zanthus Drive BROULEELot 19 DP 83295729/03/2023BROULEE
DA0387/23Demolish existing and construct new dwelling house41 Smith Street BROULEELot 4 DP 309223/03/2023BROULEE
DA0391/23Demolition & multi-dwelling housing92 Smith Street BROULEE, 90 Smith Street BROULEELot 9 DP 31071, Lot 8 DP 3107113/02/2023BROULEE
DA0295/23Dwelling house and serviced shed54 Jedel Drive CATALINALot 16 DP 128623028/11/2022CATALINA
DA0272/23Demolish existing and construct new dwelling house34 Ridge Street CATALINALot 90 DP 2722226/01/2023CATALINA
DA0236/23Dwelling house106 Country Club Drive CATALINALot 213 DP 24548514/11/2022CATALINA
DA0234/23Garage16 Myuna Street DALMENYLot 43 DP 20303225/01/2023DALMENY
DA0348/23Dwelling house37 Mummaga Way DALMENYLot 335 DP 20713227/01/2023DALMENY
DA0404/232 lot subdivision53 Tatiara Street DALMENYLot 216 DP 20303320/02/2023DALMENY
DA0466/23Inclinator221 Beach Road DENHAMS BEACHLot B DP 2549910/03/2023DENHAMS BEACH
DA0170/23Demolition of existing dwelling and construct dual occupancy and community title subdivision11 Denham Avenue DENHAMS BEACHLot 6 DP 2950617/10/2022DENHAMS BEACH
DA0360/23Demolition and additions to existing dwelling77 Dalmeny Drive KIANGALot 7 DP 3123427/01/2023KIANGA
DA0319/23Alterations and additions to dwelling486 Araluen Road KIORALot 1 DP 52189519/12/2022KIORA
DA0362/23Alterations and additions to dwelling, carport & shed2 Baringa Crescent LILLI PILLILot 1 DP 2278106/04/2023LILLI PILLI
DA0421/23Remove plus replace retaining wall19 Fairview Drive LILLI PILLILot 56 DP 23966224/02/2023LILLI PILLI
DA0424/23Two storey dwellingSanctuary Forest Place LONG BEACHLot 3 DP 123555924/02/2023LONG BEACH
DA0442/23Demolish existing and construct new dwelling and swimming pool14 Sandy Place LONG BEACHLot 44 DP 235602/03/2023LONG BEACH
DA0484/23Dwelling house47 Broomfield Crescent LONG BEACHLot 357 DP 10632826/04/2023LONG BEACH
DA0498/23Alterations and additions to dwelling house75 Longbeach Road LONG BEACHLot 113 DP 2695812/04/2023LONG BEACH
DA0365/23Dwelling/pool + shed53 Broomfield Crescent LONG BEACHLot 354 DP 10632828/02/2023LONG BEACH
MDA0070/23Modification to DA434/92Blairs Road LONG BEACHLot 253 DP 112074713/01/2023LONG BEACH
DA0222/23Dwelling house and secondary dwelling94 Kettle Road LONG BEACHLot 281 DP 111568321/11/2022LONG BEACH
DA0075/23Dwelling house and garage18 Litchfield Crescent LONG BEACHLot 189 DP 111260117/11/2022LONG BEACH
MDA0061/23Modification to DA90-210Blairs Road LONG BEACHLot 253 DP 112074713/01/2023LONG BEACH
DA0277/23Alterations and additions to dwelling house6 Iluka Avenue MALUA BAYLot 90 DP 51878525/01/2023MALUA BAY
DA0300/22Alterations and additions to dwelling56 Moorong Crescent MALUA BAYLot 3 DP 25521115/03/2023MALUA BAY
DA0309/22Multi dwelling housing (25 units)8 Jarrah Way MALUA BAY, 6 Jarrah Way MALUA BAYLot 22 DP 1128806, Lot 21 DP 112880616/11/2022MALUA BAY
Rev0002/23Review of determination50 Moorong Crescent MALUA BAYLot 5 DP 24665614/11/2022MALUA BAY
DA0339/23Community signEscape Place MALUA BAYLot 1 DP 28643620/01/2023MALUA BAY
DA0324/23Multi-dwelling housing (3 units) and strata subdivision7 Burunga Way MALUA BAYLot 517 DP 127709718/01/2023MALUA BAY
DA0302/23Two lot subdivision31 Moorong Crescent MALUA BAYLot 2 DP 87072912/12/2022MALUA BAY
DA0363/23Bushfire Rebuild - Dwelling & Garage51 Ridge Avenue MALUA BAYLot 18 DP 25309620/02/2023MALUA BAY
DA0350/23Shed addition and 2 x shade structures (green house)31 McBride Close MALUA BAYLot 663 DP 104371125/01/2023MALUA BAY
DA0355/23Dwelling house11 Currell Close MALUA BAYLot 7 DP 81997316/02/2023MALUA BAY
DA0345/23Demolish existing, construct new dwelling house7 Tallawang Avenue MALUA BAYLot 570 DP 3200825/01/2023MALUA BAY
DA0464/23Dwelling house6 Honeyeater Place MALUA BAYLot 8 DP 105569313/03/2023MALUA BAY
DA0497/23Dwelling house12 Mimosa Place MALUA BAYLot 22 DP 80698012/04/2023MALUA BAY
DA0461/23Deck extension3 Millamurra Street MALUA BAYLot 1100 DP 2366539/03/2023MALUA BAY
DA0470/23Dwelling house, detached garage and detached addition6 Escape Place MALUA BAYLot 11 DP 28643613/03/2023MALUA BAY
DA0479/23Retaining wall2 Seamist Way MALUA BAYLot 31 DP 118045727/03/2023MALUA BAY
Rev0005/23Revision 1 to DA0321/23 (removal of privacy screen condition)19 Pyang Avenue MALUA BAYLot 850 DP 3188023/02/2023MALUA BAY
Rev0004/23Review of DA0301/235 Iluka Avenue MALUA BAYLot 198 DP 20201227/02/2023MALUA BAY
MDA0086/23Modification 1 to DA0467/2235 Tallawang Avenue MALUA BAYLot 556 DP 3200827/01/2023MALUA BAY
DA0379/232 lot subdivision27 Buguri Crescent MALUA BAYLot 510 DP 127709730/01/2023MALUA BAY
DA0394/23Alterations and additions to dwelling house (lift tower)195 Meringo Road MERINGOLot 236 DP 75213710/02/2023MERINGO
DA0476/23Dwelling house and serviced storage shedWallaby Grove MERINGOLot 8 DP 12564473/04/2023MERINGO
DA0463/23Multi dwelling housing14 Dhurga Way MOGO, 10-12 Dhurga Way MOGOLot 57 DP 755938, Lot 56 DP 75593810/03/2023MOGO
DA0380/23Dwelling - Bushfire rebuild18 Park Street MOGOLot 11 Sec 17 DP 7586883/02/2023MOGO
DA0252/23Dwelling house - bushfire rebuild5B Bateman Street MOGOLot 1 SP 8867625/11/2022MOGO
DA0239/23Demolish existing and construct vehicle sales premise and associated workshop80 Vulcan Street MORUYA, 88 Vulcan Street MORUYALot 1 DP 152447, Lot 85 DP 71769315/11/2022MORUYA
DA0207/23Residential subdivision (95) lots26 Francis Street MORUYA, Francis Street MORUYALot 1 Sec 54 DP 758710, Lot 7 DP 11523721/11/2022MORUYA
DA0815/22Retail plant nursery65 Mountain View Road MORUYALot 3 DP 82553527/02/2023MORUYA
DA0094/23Commercial development and serviced apartmentsChurch Street MORUYA, 42 Vulcan Street MORUYALot 1 DP 662594, Lot 1 DP 1017071, Lot 2 DP 101707110/11/2022MORUYA
DA0347/23Alterations and additions to dwelling house and carport25 Gundary Street MORUYALot 51 DP 117863331/01/2023MORUYA
DA0375/23Change of use to secondary dwelling21 Valley View Lane MORUYALot 21 DP 86111827/02/2023MORUYA
DA0376/23Garage (ancillary to dwelling)282 North Head Drive MORUYALot 4 DP 117598327/01/2023MORUYA
DA0325/23Boundary adjustment283 North Head Drive MORUYA, 282 North Head Drive MORUYA, 261 North Head Drive MORUYALot 1 DP 819139, Lot 4 DP 1175983, Lot 1 DP 101939013/01/2023MORUYA
DA0338/23Dual occupancy and subdivision9 Swan Ridge Place MORUYALot 37 DP 123693823/03/2023MORUYA
DA0399/23Carport30 Caswell Street MORUYALot 18 DP 127671516/02/2023MORUYA
DA0415/23Alterations and additions to dwelling house16A Thomas Street MORUYALot A DP 15813713/02/2023MORUYA
DA0467/23Dwelling house24 Caswell Street MORUYALot 15 DP 127671523/03/2023MORUYA
DA0494/23Dwelling house13 Swan Ridge Place MORUYALot 6 DP 12292786/04/2023MORUYA
Rev0006/23Review of determination - Staged Development - Stage 1 subdivision of existing dwelling onto Residential lot. Stage 2 Multi dwelling housing Development with 5 single storey class 1 buildings.54 Hawdon Street MORUYALot 82 DP 6142166/04/2023MORUYA
DA0446/23Dwelling house4 Millers Crescent MORUYA HEADSLot 1 DP 8120786/03/2023MORUYA HEADS
DA0428/23Alterations and additions to dwelling house222 South Head Road MORUYA HEADSLot 20 DP 26063530/03/2023MORUYA HEADS
DA0368/23Alterations and additions and shed12 Headland Grove MORUYA HEADSLot 15 DP 25519327/01/2023MORUYA HEADS
DA0346/23Dwelling house and Swimming Pool8 Charles Moffitt Drive MORUYA HEADSLot 3 DP 1833016/01/2023MORUYA HEADS
DA0352/23Alterations and additions to dwelling house69 Annetts Parade MOSSY POINTLot 111 DP 1539615/02/2023MOSSY POINT
DA0389/23Demolition existing building and construct new dwelling house12 Hilmer Avenue MOSSY POINTLot 224 DP 1539616/02/2023MOSSY POINT
DA0409/23Use of existing unapproved kiosk and proposed alterations and additions including new jettyAnnetts Parade MOSSY POINTLIC RN 59323214/02/2023MOSSY POINT
DA0395/23Demolition of existing and new 2 storey dwelling151 Annetts Parade MOSSY POINTLot 70 DP 1539630/01/2023MOSSY POINT
DA0431/23Swimming pool and retaining walls3 Clearwater Terrace MOSSY POINTLot 34 DP 103395824/02/2023MOSSY POINT
DA0412/23Demolish existing and construct new shed166 Annetts Parade MOSSY POINTLot 1 DP 50255713/02/2023MOSSY POINT
DA0477/23Storage shed21 Clearwater Terrace MOSSY POINTLot 58 DP 119404714/03/2023MOSSY POINT
DA0483/23Alterations and additions to dwelling house13 Mitchell Place NAROOMALot 42 DP 2101931/03/2023NAROOMA
DA0411/23Dwelling house8 Noorooma Crescent NAROOMALot 3 Sec 18 DP 75875413/02/2023NAROOMA
DA0427/23Alterations and additions to existing dwelling and change of use for existing shed to habitable space ancillary to dwelling35 Riverside Drive NAROOMALot 1 DP 1251676/04/2023NAROOMA
DA0440/23Dwelling house12 Gareth Avenue NAROOMALot 7 DP 105210327/02/2023NAROOMA
DA0405/23Car wash facility1 Willcocks Avenue NAROOMALot 1 DP 11500836/02/2023NAROOMA
DA0401/23Dwelling house & Shed & Secondary Dwelling21 Albert Park Lane NAROOMALot 3 DP 107690916/02/2023NAROOMA
DA0315/23Dwelling house and solid fuel heater, use of existing unapproved alterations and additions, and demolition of existing dwelling (bushfire rebuild)33 Old Nelligen Road NELLIGENLot 3 DP 12366859/12/2022NELLIGEN
DA0227/23Dwelling houseOld Bolaro Road NELLIGENLot 2 DP 124010021/11/2022NELLIGEN
DA0290/23Four lot subdivision38 Peninsula Drive NORTH BATEMANS BAYLot 3 DP 2641435/12/2022NORTH BATEMANS BAY
DA0340/23Muliyaan Cultural & Wildlife CentreRiverview Road NORTH NAROOMALot 229 DP 729250, Lot 228 DP 72925018/01/2023NORTH NAROOMA
DA0373/23Attached Dual Occupancy37 Warbler Crescent NORTH NAROOMALot 2 DP 79188627/01/2023NORTH NAROOMA
MDA0126/23Modification 1 to DA0184/23 - Changes to connecting roof between dwelling and detached garage / driveway modification72 Fishermans Crescent NORTH NAROOMALot 41 DP 25005512/04/2023NORTH NAROOMA
DA0447/23Dual Occupancy (Deferred commencement on proposed allotment)37 Warbler Crescent NORTH NAROOMALot 2 DP 7918863/03/2023NORTH NAROOMA
DA0501/23Retaining wall14 Rose Court ROSEDALELot 7 DP 2199916/04/2023ROSEDALE
DA0331/23Dwelling house and solid fuel heater - bushfire rebuild79 Yowani Road ROSEDALELot 2 DP 3217624/02/2023ROSEDALE
DA0305/23Dwelling houseBanyandah Street SOUTH DURRASLot 10 DP 121344020/12/2022SOUTH DURRAS
DA0269/23Open deck and dwelling additions51 Lakeside Drive SOUTH DURRASLot 166 DP 7559041/12/2022SOUTH DURRAS
DA0299/23Dwelling house4 Tench Street SUNSHINE BAYLot 501 DP 12841567/12/2022SUNSHINE BAY
DA0303/23Dwelling house20 Tench Street SUNSHINE BAYLot 528 DP 128415616/12/2022SUNSHINE BAY
DA0344/23Neighbourhood shopping centre including speciality stores, supermarket and medical centre4 Cunningham Crescent SUNSHINE BAYLot 2991 DP 128190425/01/2023SUNSHINE BAY
DA0499/23Dwelling house71 Freycinet Drive SUNSHINE BAYLot 308 DP 126253212/04/2023SUNSHINE BAY
DA0482/23Dwelling house657 Beach Road SURF BEACHLot 3 DP 62238912/04/2023SURF BEACH
DA0462/23Use of existing unapproved and proposed alterations and additions41 Ocean Avenue SURF BEACHLot 50 DP 2366239/03/2023SURF BEACH
DA0475/23Dwelling house, solid fuel heater and shed2 Silverdell Place SURF BEACHLot 1 DP 82639916/03/2023SURF BEACH
DA0388/23Pool11 Ocean Avenue SURF BEACHLot 35 DP 23662327/01/2023SURF BEACH
DA0481/23Alterations and additions to dwelling house5 Marina Avenue SURFSIDELot 176 DP 2325683/04/2023SURFSIDE
DA0327/23Garage49 Timbara Crescent SURFSIDELot 711 DP 23149027/01/2023SURFSIDE
MDA0087/23Modification 1 to DA0793/213 The Avenue Road TILBA TILBALot 402 DP 83062029/12/2022TILBA TILBA
DA0423/23Dwelling house and detached shed4123 Princes Highway TURLINJAHLot 15 DP 26032216/02/2023TURLINJAH
DA0422/23Dwelling house51 Jutland Avenue TUROSS HEADLot 1 DP 23292616/02/2023TUROSS HEAD
DA0438/23Alterations and additions to dwelling house and alterations and additions to garage creating secondary dwelling1 Hawdons Cove TUROSS HEADLot 1 DP 25965610/03/2023TUROSS HEAD
DA0398/23Part demolition and new dwelling30 Clive Court TUROSS HEADLot 121 DP 77339216/02/2023TUROSS HEAD
DA0410/23Demolish existing garage and construct new detached addition21 Tuross Boulevarde TUROSS HEADLot 86 DP 1715415/02/2023TUROSS HEAD
DA0490/23Alterations and additions to dwelling house and garden shed34 Manly Street TUROSS HEADLot 1253 DP 2186656/04/2023TUROSS HEAD
DA0332/23Demolish existing and erect new dwelling house22 Bream Street TUROSS HEADLot 124 DP 21866417/01/2023TUROSS HEAD
DA0367/232 lot Subdivision6 Trafalgar Road TUROSS HEADLot 82 DP 63001227/01/2023TUROSS HEAD
DA0826/22Use of existing unapproved dual occupancy172-234 Dunns Creek Road WOODLANDSLot 3 DP 80706230/01/2023WOODLANDS

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