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CC0131/2114/09/2020CC/0150752 - Dwelling house - Bushfire rebuild - Buildcert ConsultantConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate -Private Certifier Issued9 Towrang Avenue SURF BEACH NSW 2536Jennifer Marie Norton, Peter William Norton
CC0129/2111/09/2020CC20/270 - Fire rated system to subfloor - D & C FergusonConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate -Private Certifier Issued219 Beach Road DENHAMS BEACH NSW 2536 Progressive Project Solutions
DA0201/2116/09/2020Proposed storage shedDevelopment Application8 - Commercial - Retail - Office49 Beach Road BATEMANS BAY NSW 2536Dane Ross Anderson
DA0198/2115/09/2020Demolition of dwelling and shedDevelopment Application14 - DA Other (Not specifically categorised)72 Beach Road BATEMANS BAY NSW 2536Adrian Cardile
DA0203/2116/09/2020Attached carportDevelopment Application1 - Residential Alterations and Additions534 Beach Road DENHAMS BEACH NSW 2536Dane Ross Anderson
DA0171/217/09/2020Use of existing unapproved works - carport and storage shedDevelopment Application1 - Residential Alterations and Additions31 Bronte Crescent SUNSHINE BAY NSW 2536Brian Butters
CC5035/2122/09/2020ExtensionConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate - Council Issued220-222 George Bass Drive LILLI PILLI NSW 2536Brian John Armstrong
CC5036/2124/09/2020Extension - Single story extensionConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate - Council Issued220-222 George Bass Drive LILLI PILLI NSW 2536Brian John Armstrong
DA0208/2115/09/2020Proposed DuplexDevelopment Application2 - Residential Single Dwelling15 Crag Road BATEHAVEN NSW 2536Jim Madaffari
DA0213/2121/09/2020Dwelling, Carport and Retaining WallDevelopment Application2 - Residential Single Dwelling67 Heron Road CATALINA NSW 2536Anita Devi Gopal
DA0170/217/09/2020Strata subdivision of townhousesDevelopment Application13 - Subdivision Only22 Johnson Place SURF BEACH NSW 2536 Rygate & West Surveyors
DA0206/2117/09/2020Use of existing unapproved retaining wall and drivewayDevelopment Application1 - Residential Alterations and Additions12 Tallgums Way SURF BEACH NSW 2536 Dual Design
CC5022/214/09/2020Replace existing deck & carportConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate - Council Issued9 Matthew Parade BATEHAVEN NSW 2536Mathew James Newham
DA0226/2122/09/2020Alterations and Additions to existing Dwelling and Detached GarageDevelopment Application1 - Residential Alterations and Additions7 Ocean Road BATEHAVEN NSW 2536Julie Mae Leeson
DA0180/219/09/2020Amendment of a gaming roomDevelopment ApplicationApply for a Development Application20 Orient Street BATEMANS BAY NSW 2536Peter Ratcliff

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