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CC0155/2127/09/2020CC20/222-A1 - Dwelling, attached garage and retaining wall - D&C Ferguson PCAConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate -Private Certifier Issued86 Sylvan Street MALUA BAY NSW 2536 D & C Ferguson Building Inspection Services Pty Ltd
CC0156/2128/09/2020CC20/294 - 13 Beatty Cres, Tuross HeadConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate -Private Certifier Issued13 Beatty Crescent TUROSS HEAD NSW 2537 D & C Ferguson Building Inspection Services Pty Ltd
CC0157/2128/09/2020CC20/292 - 25 Beachside Blvd, TomakinConstruction CertificatesConstruction Certificate -Private Certifier Issued25 Beachside Boulevard TOMAKIN NSW 2537 D & C Ferguson Building Inspection Services Pty Ltd
DA0236/2128/09/2020Reconstruct two storey dwelling which was destroyed by bushfireDevelopment ApplicationApply for a Development Application546 The Ridge Road SURF BEACH NSW 2536Dane Ross Anderson
DA0237/2128/09/2020DwellingDevelopment Application2 - Residential Single Dwelling55 Yowani Road ROSEDALE NSW 2536Lynwen Sian Connick
DA0238/2128/09/2020Additional site shedDevelopment Application14 - DA Other (Not specifically categorised)67 Cranbrook Road BATEMANS BAY NSW 2536 Armpell Civil Pty Ltd
DA0239/2128/09/2020Addition to existing dwellingDevelopment Application1 - Residential Alterations and Additions2 Sandpiper Place CATALINA NSW 2536Hayley Jansen
DA0240/2128/09/2020Fence - existing unapprovedDevelopment Application1 - Residential Alterations and Additions57 Noble Parade DALMENY NSW 2546Ryan David Courtney Simpson
DA0241/2128/09/2020Bushfire rebuild - new dwellingDevelopment Application2 - Residential Single Dwelling64 Yowani Road ROSEDALE NSW 2536Sheila Gwynn-Jones
DA0242/2128/09/2020Bushfire rebuild - retaining wallDevelopment Application14 - DA Other (Not specifically categorised)16 Ivy Place MALUA BAY NSW 2536Ian Barry Sharples, Julie Anne Sharples
DA0243/2128/09/2020Bushfire rebuild - dwellingDevelopment Application2 - Residential Single Dwelling77 Yowani Road ROSEDALE NSW 2536Collette Mary Ann Dinnigan
DA0244/2128/09/2020New DwellingDevelopment Application2 - Residential Single Dwelling17 Beachside Boulevard TOMAKIN NSW 2537 Seacoast Homes t/as Hotondo Homes
DA0245/2128/09/2020Dwelling, detached garages, pool and pool shedDevelopment Application2 - Residential Single Dwelling7 Akin Place TOMAKIN NSW 2537Gina Melissa Costello

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